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1. How do I Order?
2. What do the CDs Cost and what are the current Selection Options?
3. How does your Custom Webstore work? Will we have our own website? Can we forward the link via email? Is there a login to check our sales?
4. How many Titles may be featured in a Project Order?
5. How does your No Risk Return Policy work?
6. What are my Payment Options? Pre-Sell or Advanced Ship Program?
7. What type of Organizations are Eligible for your Services?
8. How much Lead Time is required from Order to Delivery of the CDs?
9. What are your Domestic Shipping Rates?
10. Where can I check the Status of my Order?
11. How do you require the Liner Booklet Artwork, Photos, and Logo Images to be sent?
12. Are Custom Liner Booklets Required? What are the Custom Artwork Design Fees? Or, Can we Supply the Liner Booklet Artwork Graphics?
13. What are the volume requirements for Customized Liner Booklets?
14. Can I customize the Tracklistings? I would like to have certain "artists" on my compilation, will this be possible?
15. We are an Agency representing Non-Profits, Charities and/or Schools... How can we be Involved in your Services?
16. Is this program available Internationally (Outside USA or Canada)?
17. What are your International Shipping rates?
18. I forgot my Password to Track my Order's Status. How do I Login?

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